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Oct 7 16

October 7th: Deer communications at Hidden Valley (Hamman+Dinner)

Babel Nature

El bosque en estas fechas al atardecer, se vuelve un concierto de ciervos llamando a las hembras. Ven a Linares de la Sierra a disfrutar de la berrea de una forma diferente. Te proponemos un plan único, saldremos al campo al atardecer para escuchar y ver a los ciervos en plena naturaleza, cenaremos en la terraza del Balcón de Linares y nos relajaremos en los baños árabes del Hamman La molinilla. Una actividad completa para disfrutar de todos los sentidos especialmente pensada para parejas y grupos de amigos.

Se recomienda traer ropa de abrigo, bañador, toalla y linterna o frontal.

Punto de encuentro: Plaza de toros de Linares de la Sierra

Hora de salida: 19.30h

Precio: 35 €

Ponte en contacto con nosotros en el 655305201 o envíanos un correo a través de contacto para formalizar tu reserva. Serán plazas limitadas.

** Es posible la cancelación de la actividad dependiendo de las condiciones meteorológicas así como de alcanzar un número mínimo de participantes

Jan 27 16

Santa Ana La real. The Heart of Nordic Walking in Andalusia.

Babel Nature

Something has changed in a small village in the sierra recently. The elderly have put their wooden walking sticks to one side and have instead taken up two aluminium poles. Along the walking trails, it is becoming common to see people Nordic Walking; that is walking with poles.

This sport is based on walking with the help of two special poles, dividing the effort between the upper and lower body, and using up to 90% of the muscles in the body.

This new craze, apart from bringing foreign tourists to the region -British, German and other Northern Europeans- also brings to light the value of these footpaths as an ideal place for this healthy, outdoor activity.

This sport is especially attractive for those with obesity related illnesses and cardiovascular problems, and other reported benefits including: high calorie consumption and fat metabolism; a reduction of joint pressure (ankles, knees and hips); lowering of cholesterol levels; and prevention of high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

The initiatives put into place by the tourist board have helped spread the word of this new sport and created a group of guides or instructors in Nordic Walking for tourism and local group activities.

Santa Ana la Real has turned Nordic Walking into a tool for social and environmental change, using it as a way of encouraging social cohesion and as a fundamental part in the conservation and education of a rich natural heritage. Over the years most of the walking trails in the region have been restored, mainly by the locals, who have in turn become active in this conservation.

There have been a great number of large-scale events in the area involving all the community. Recent initiatives include the development of healthy walks by the women’s group and the necessary walking sticks have been put on sale in the local bars. These activities are being offered by the local tourist business Serrachuela, and more details can be found at www.nordicwalkingsantaanalareal.com.

Nordic Walking should not be seen as either a passing fad or as an activity only for tourists and sports enthusiasts. This sport also offers local people a way of improving their health and way of life.


Nov 9 15


Babel Nature

Welcome to the beginnings of Babel Nature on-line, although this is not our initiation as an eco-tourism business, and all our guides have many years of experience in their field.

The idea of Babel Nature came to Daniel Calleja after years of working as a nature guide on the trails of the Sierra de Aracena. He started his career in the marshlands of Huelva, Marismas del Odiel as a guide for birds, animals and environmental education. His passion led him to expand his interests to mycology, ethnobotany and astrology.

Little by little he surrounded himself by experts and friends, as passionate as himself about their own areas of expertise, and who in time joined together to form the great team that is Babel Nature today. Each of these guides will be sharing their knowledge and passion through entries in this notebook section of our web-page.

We will show you the secrets of nature on guided walks celebrating the joys of each season: in autumn/winter the fruits of the forest, the deer-rutting and above all mushrooms; spring brings bird watching, animal tracking, geology, and the secrets of orchids and plants; while in summer our star activities, literally speaking, are our astronomy evenings and our moon-lit walks.

Apart from the courses and workshops we offer on a regular basis, we love a challenge and we are open to all ideas and propositions. So, if you are a group of friends wishing to go out and experience something new, get in touch with us. We offer special rates for groups, schools, holiday homes and businesses.

Come with Babel Nature and open your eyes to nature.

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